Hello! Thank you for visiting my portfolio site.
Let me introduce myself...

I am a trained fine artist, with a keen focus on simple, beautiful design and distinctive creative thought. My past experiences and studies bring a fresh perspective to any project. In 2016 I began SNGD Design, and have been happily freelancing ever since. My freelance adventures have included working for a small graphic design firm, a marketing manager for a high end photographer, and most recently for independent clients in need of new or fresh websites.

DISCLAIMER: THIS WEBSITE IS OLD. Embarrassingly old. It began as a portfolio site for my time at RISD, with speculative work being the main focus. Now I have actual clients! While I am re-vamping everything here, please visit the following sites to get a better sense of my latest work. I promise I'll work on my own things soon (My one and a half year old has made that a little tricky of late!) But until then...XO Sarah

Recent Work

Modest Mouse

A sponsored Instagram ad for the Modest Mouse cd release campaign.

Providence Place Mall

A full page print ad for the Providence Place Mall "Find Yourself Here" campaign.

Man-gagement Ring

A guerilla marketing poster for the Man-gagement Ring campaign.


A transit ad for Chairigami's introductory campaign.

Illuminations I

An oil painting of my most recent series "Illuminations".

Jack Link's Wilder Side Jerky

An online ad for Jack Link's fictitious new line, Wilder Side Jerky.

Hope Street Farmers Market

Logo design for the Providence Hope Street Farmers Market.

The Simulaton Life

An HTML 5.0 website for the book project, The Simulaton Life.